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Monthly Indie Shorts Festival


     ~Voted Best Actress for her leading

        role as Alex in "Cucked".



BroadwayWorld LA Regional Awards




     ~Voted Best Featured Actress in a Play

        for her role as Hermia in "A                                Midsummer Night's Dream"


      ~Nominated Best Featured

        Actress in a Play for her role

        as Helen of Troy in "Trojan


Voted best featured actress in a

In The News

Terror DTLA: Son of Sam


       "I felt especially connected to            Abigail Hunt’s Amanda. Hunt’s            performance was beautiful,                and she managed to create a            connection to the guest in a              short amount of time"

A Midsummer Night's Dream


       "...truly creates a magical                    experience"

Church Discipline: Reformed


       "It features a talented cast... 

        blends horror and humor with

        an unconventional take on a

        church service."



        "Abigail Hunt is pleasant and             exudes innocence as the play’s           many ingenues/victims."

       "...undoubtably an awful lot of            classical and devilish fun."

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